Saturday, November 07, 2015

It Doesn't Take a Brain Surgeon to Know Ben Carson is Crazy

I am sure Carson was a great doctor, but his political problems point out that just because one is good or great at one thing doesn't mean the person is good or great at everything.

Ditto for Rand Paul and his dad, both of whom I am sure are very good physicians, but their politics are just way out there, though not as wild as Carson.

Ben Carson spent much of Friday aggressively rebutting media reports about his past -- a striking departure from the mellow personality he has displayed on the campaign trail.

"There is a desperation on behalf of some to try to find ways to tarnish me because they've been looking through everything, they have been talking to everybody I've ever known, everybody I've ever seen," Carson told reporters at a media availability in Florida.

"'There's got to be a scandal. There's got to be some nurse he's had an affair with. There's got to be something.' They have gotten desperate," Carson continued. "Next week, it will be my kindergarten teacher who said I peed in my pants. It's ridiculous. But it's OK because I totally expect it."

The "affair" thing is Marco Rubio's category.

It is entirely possible Hillary Clinton will win the presidency by default.

Interview with CNN:

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