Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Miscellaneous

Looks like Bruce Jenner received some protests during his fundraiser or whatever the hell it was the other day in Chicago.

Obituary: Actor Warren Mitchell 89, the UK prototype for the US's Archie Bunker when he played the lead on the execrable Till Death Do Us Part, has died. He died on November 14.

The character first appeared in 1965 as “Alf Ramsey” in a one-off BBC play by Speight. Mitchell, not yet 40, was the third choice for the part; the first was Peter Sellers. Alf’s convictions were made apparent from the first line as he looked as his watch while Big Ben struck 10: “That blaaady, Big Ben… fast again.” A series, Till Death Us Do Part, began the next year and ran until 1975.

Each week, from his armchair, docker Alf would treat all within earshot to his substantial prejudices, his favoured topics being race, permissiveness, feminism and the monarchy. Particular ire was reserved for the long hair of his son-in-law and for Edward Heath, the prime minister, for not having attended a “proper” school such as Eton.

It was a godawful show. All those people did was sit on the couch in a truly claustrophobic set. Didn't care for the show at all.

All in the Family was vastly superior in every way.

The WSWS has some commentary about the horrific Paris terrorist attacks.

I am still offline until at least tomorrow. I hope the ADSL chord will finally work. I am using the public library computer.

Donald Trump let the cat out of the bag, sort of speak, in this piece also from the WSWS.

The greed of the billionaire class knows no bounds.

Talk about robots replacing workers. That can't happen to too great an extent for the simple reason that robots do not consume products. It ultimately cannibalizes corporations. Most of the technological explanation for job loss is nothing but a bunch of shit anyway.

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