Monday, November 30, 2015

Robert Durst Sued: Oh, I Love This

The family of the disappeared wife of the infamous crossdressing multimillonaire murderer has decided to file a $100 million lawsuit against him.

"Him," of course, is Robert Durst, the subject of a number of posts on this blog and of a number of documentaries, including the excellent The Jinx, the DVD of which I purchased and viewed a month ago. I had followed his murder trial a decade ago when he was acquitted of the murder of Morris Black. The jury felt that because Black's severed head was never found, they could not agree to the prosecution's contention he premeditated the killing. The only outcomes the jury could rule on was first-degree murder or acquittal--nothing else.

The jury was still stupid, and a couple of the members of the Durst jury interviewed in The Jinx proved they were cut from the same cloth as those idiots who acquitted T. Cullen Davis of murder back in the 1970s, despite there being witnesses.

Durst got a big cash payout from his terrified family a few years back, so this suit basically takes him for everything he has. However, it would not surprise me at all if Durst never goes to trial for the murder of his longtime friend Susan Berman, for his health has been terrible the past few years.


On Monday, Ms. Durst’s mother, Ann McCormack, who is 101, and three sisters — Carol Bamonte, Mary Hughes and Virginia McKeon — filed a $100 million lawsuit against the man they have long suspected of killing her: Robert A. Durst, her husband. The lawsuit contends that Mr. Durst violated the McCormack family’s right to sepulcher, a rarely used New York law granting family members the immediate right to possession of a body for burial.

“The family’s priority has been and continues to be to provide Kathleen with a proper and dignified burial,” Robert Abrams, a lawyer for the McCormack family, said.

I ain't holding my breath on this one.

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