Friday, November 06, 2015

Secretariat Got the Sportsman of the Year Shaft From SI,

so I am not optimistic the magazine will give the award to American Pharoah.

Some out there are squeamish a horse would be given an award that supposedly belongs to HUMAN endeavors.

Remember if you will Secretariat, the greatest of them all, got passed over in favor of race car driver Jackie Stewart in one of the worst oversights ever. I NEVER forgave SI for doing that, but they had a blind spot with regard to this horse. When Big Red won the Kentucky Derby in record time, do you think SI would put him on the cover? No. Instead the magazine editors put Olympian Mark Spitz and his new wife on the cover (they are still together). The magazine rectified this oversight a couple of weeks later with a cover story. As for Sportsman of the Year, Stewart got the award simply because he retired from a dangerous sport. Not that many people remember Stewart today outside of car racing circles--EVERYBODY remembers Secretariat.

Not holding my breath they will honor AP if they shafted the greatest horse in racing history previously.

For fun, here is a representative response of the selection of Jackie Stewart.

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