Sunday, November 01, 2015

Sunday Reads

How did Texas get so fucked-up politically?

American Pharoah will head to Coolmore Ashford Stud Monday.

Obituary: Kind of a shock to me: Former Tennessee senator, actor, and TV pitchman Fred Thompson, 73, has died from complications of lymphoma.

He first came to prominence way back in the early seventies when he was assisting the Republicans on the Senate Watergate Committee. He was the GOP counterpart to the Democrats' Sam Dash.

I recall he also married some woman young enough to be his granddaughter. Oh, the perks of being a wealthy old fart.

Okay. I exaggerated a bit. When they were married back in 2002, she was 35, while he was "only" 59. They met in the most unromantic of sites, at a Kroger checkout line, back in 1996. He was her first husband, while she was his second wife. They had two children.

As for wife number one, Sarah Lindsey, Fred married her when he was only 17 years old. They had three children, of which two survived Fred. A daughter died in 2002. Fred and Sarah divorced in 1985, long before Fred met and married wife number two, Jeri Kehn.

For the critics of American Pharoah, those few left, they should take note of this article and especially this paragraph:

In 2015 alone, he competed at seven different racetracks and made an unprecedented 14 plane trips, logging 28,000 miles. Yet his greatest performance was his last, when he defeated the winners of two Jockey Club Gold Cups, the Belmont Stakes, Metropolitan Handicap. Whitney, Travers, Santa Anita Gold Cup, English and Irish 2,000 Guineas, St. James’s Palace Stakes, Suburban Handicap, Wood Memorial, and Pennsylvania Derby. He couldn’t say farewell any other way. The racing gods wouldn’t hear of it. They had already begun to unlock the pantheon gates.

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