Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Tuesday Etc.

Common Core was and is a plague and should be killed like a diseased squirrel.

It was one of Bill Gates' pet projects because this college dropout was enamored with the itty-bitty European countries that had national standards. Never mind the United States is not Europe, and never mind the U.S. Constitution has something called "separation of powers" meaning education is mostly a state matter.

I truly believe the Obama administration doesn't understand what "transgenderism" is about, and thus they have pushed to legalize rape and sexual harassment against women and girls.

Crossdressing or masturbating in women's clothing is NOT a "human right." Both are sexual compulsions, perversions.

Of course there s no such thing as a "male" brain or a "female" brain, but the author has stepped on a key component of the transgender cult propaganda machine and outed it for the sexist, sex kink-based "movement" that it really is.

I hope that shit in Houston goes down to defeat.

The LGBs need to cut themselves away from the Ts. That ordinance is going down to defeat mostly because of the Ts, and the growing realization by the general public what they are truly about.

It's about time somebody stuck up for the rights of women and girls for a change and not for crossdressing masturbators.

The House membership plans to be even lazier than usual next year.

Great for campaigns to run on the issue that the federal government "doesn't work."

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