Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Wednesday News, Etc.

The Obama administration needs to go back to law school. Title IX has NOTHING to do with crossdressing.

The administration is clear it is hostile to the rights of women and girls, that it is hostile to laws against sexual harassment, rape, and indecent exposure.

There is a compelling public interest as to why there are sex-segregated facilities. Men and boys wanting to masturbate to women's clothing or to naked girls and women undressing and taking showers is not a human right or a protected class. It is a perversion.

There is a reason why the Houston ordinance went down to defeat. It is that people finally realize that transgenderism steps on the rights of a protected class, which happens to be half of the human race.

There is a petition started by some LGBs to pressure some prominent organizations/media in their community to drop the "t" from LGBT.

The vote in Houston should be a wake-up call for that community. The opposition almost entirely was based on the trans issue of infiltrating women-only spaces.

It was and is a legitimate criticism.

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