Tuesday, December 08, 2015


I can't begin to argue about how utterly sick and perverse the idea that psychiatry should be a form of social control is.

We are not guided by instinct as animals are. We don't die if we never reproduce or die if we do. The notion that everybody must be married and have babies simply because people have the biological equipment to reproduce is simply perverse. That is the real problem here. There is not one best or proper way for everybody to live. As a never-married straight woman, these critics don't speak for me, and how dare anybody assume my life is worthless because I never had some man own me and pop out "his" kids. How dare that anybody think anyone who doesn't follow the marriage-and-babies script, straight or gay, should receive psychiatric help. It is revolting.

I, too, wasn't too impressed with Mark Zuckerberg's publicity stunt.

It is a safe bet he is up to no good.

The money should go back to the U.S. Treasury instead.

Treat teachers with respect instead of like shit and maybe the bleeding will stop.

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