Tuesday, December 08, 2015

If Trump Isn't Destroying the GOP, He Is Trying His Damnedest to Make Sure They Don't Win

Demographics have been against the GOP for a long time, and Donald Trump has come along to stick a knife in the heart of the party that has long since lost its way, at least since the disgrace of Richard Nixon.

The GOP is still strong in the statehouses, gerrymandering still has given the party control in the House, and they still have control of the Senate, so I don't think at this time it is going the way of the Whigs, the party it replaced some 160 years ago.

shington "let us down"
According to conservative commentator Brian Cates, Mr Trump's remarks reveal that he doesn't want to take over the Republican Party, he wants to burn it to the ground from the inside - and his supporters are just fine with that.

I think a third-party candidacy is inevitable since Trump will not be allowed to win the nomination.

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