Saturday, December 12, 2015

Saturday Miscellaneous

You bet so-called liberals and progressives can be hypocrites when it comes to religion. Case in point is their attitude toward Islam.

A couple of obituaries of note:

Actress Marjorie Lord, only 97, best remembered for her role in the Danny Thomas Show, has died. She had replaced Jean Hagen, the original wife on the show, who quit the series.

She was married three times. The first husband was actor John Archer, who appeared in many films such as White Heat and made numerous television appearances. Apparently he had a drinking problem or something and they split. She married two more times, being widowed each time.

In the fourth year, Lord was cast as a charming nurse, Kathy O'Hara, who helped Thomas' daughter from the measles. O'Hara was a widow with a daughter of her own, and a romance blossomed between the two single parents. The ratings were disappointing, and ABC canceled the show in 1957.

It got a reprieve when CBS picked it up. The ratings shot up, and the The Danny Thomas Show ran for many more years, plus there were reunion specials. Lord, not Hagen, is the wife most people remember today.

She died of natural causes on November 28.

Actress Rose Siggins, 43, died from complications of kidney stone surgery.

Like Johnny Eck and a few other notables, Siggins had sacral agenesis. However, the disability didn't limit her one bit, and she had a normal life.


Millions today are remembering the 100th birthday of Ol' Blue Eyes. He died in 1998.

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