Friday, December 11, 2015


The day these anti-affirmative action creeps start railing against veteran's preference, a form of affirmative action largely benefiting WHITE MALES, is the day I will take these creeps seriously.

That goes for Scalia, too.

"Merit" does not exist. White men have this notion they are entitled to the best jobs, the "best" schools, the best of everything simply because they are white males. They have no idea of how others live in this country.

A shitty education law to replace the previous shitty education law became law yesterday when a shitty president, Obama, signed the shitty law into law.

Since few people belong on the top of the economic heap, you KNOW where that leaves the majority of people once in the middle class.

Almost all of those in the middle class are two-income households as opposed to those in 1971.

It's all by design, folks, all by design.


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