Monday, December 28, 2015

Totally Sick

I came across this 2014 article from Women's Day when doing some web surfing. It smacks of something right out of the 1950s with regard to explaining "why men cheat."

There is only one reason why they do it. It is because they disrespect women, both their wives and the women they cheat with. The article assumes it is solely the wife's fault the husband cheats, and it is up to the wife to make sure he doesn't cheat.

A man who respects women does not cheat. Ever.

The article just justifies abuse, and cheating IS a form of abuse, with more than a few of these men being sociopaths. They don't take responsibility for their actions and claim it is the other person's fault they do it. These men are no prize and should be dumped by both women.

It is just shocking to me such an article ever made its way into print, or, in this case, on the web.

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