Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Wednesday Etc.

This article about "smartphones" makes no sense at all.

Crazy times we are living in when religious bigotry is seen as justification for trampling on the rights of a minority.

BTW, Mr. Trump, how can you tell if somebody is a Muslim?

At least a woman, and not a egotist with bad hair, got Time's Person of the Year.

WCSD remains mum about that bullying case that got sent to the state recently:

Some doofus politician needs to understand what insurance claims are.

It was NOT a "win"--only a judgment issued after a trial with a jury or judge is considered a win. Virtually ALL school districts settle these cases out of court. The ONLY reason the district settled is because its supplemental insurance company at the time went out of business and the other one refused to pay for attorney fees which, if the case had gone to trial and appeals, would have cost literally millions of dollars. If I remember correctly, the estimate was between 2-3 MILLION dollars. People don't understand insurance claims, including politicians. Did the doofus in the article even understand the 451k was vastly cheaper than a jury trial?

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