Thursday, January 28, 2016

A License to Cheat

Fearing death threats and other bodily harm by the deranged "transgender" lobby, not one woman athlete has come out against the outrageous proposal by the International Olympic Committee that allows men to compete in women's sports.

I refuse to call men "women" of any kind. I refuse to play their semantic bullshit. The Olympic committee is completely sexist and has decided to kill women's events once and for all.

Men will cheat. Hormones don't change physiology. Only in the minds of the delusional men--and women will never compete in men's events because they know they can't win--do they think they remotely "pass."

Men are much bigger, they have much more muscle mass, they have heavier and longer bones, the whole nine yards. Hormones don't change this. Neither does hacking off genitalia.

As the columnist noted, noted cheater Boyd Burton, calling himself the absurd name of "Fallon Fox," is notorious for beating the shit out of women in mixed martial arts competitions. More than a few women refuse to fight him.

More men, unable to compete with other men at the elite level, will simply call themselves "transgender" and compete with women and beat the crap out of them. Women will be forced out of sports altogether.

It will be like varsity and junior varsity teams in high school. The elite men will compete in men's events, while the not-so-elite men will pose as "women."

Some have compared this IOC bullshit with Elizabethan theater, when men played ALL of the parts.

This insanity MUST stop.

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