Thursday, January 14, 2016

GOP Debate Live Stream

In about an hour the "main event" of the GOP debate will happen. This link should provide one of several live streams of the bloodbath:


Views: Trump had his best night fending off attacks by Bush and Cruz. "The question" about Cruz's eligibility got asked, and there was a very heated exchange between Trump and Cruz. Trump told the truth about the fact that Cruz's eligibility is highly questionable, but the best Cruz could do was say Lawrence Tribe is a "leftist," which doesn't address the issue.

Many scholars come on both sides of the matter. It is a real question that, if Cruz were to defy the odds and be the nominee, would be taken to the courts.

Ben Carson was invisible. Jeb was bland for the most part except for his exchange with Trump.

Kasich did well as usual as the only sane person on the stage.

Christie is running for VP.

Rubio is still an empty suit. He did, however, got the best of Cruz later on in the debate.

Cruz is a demagogue who probably had his best night tonight.

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