Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday Reads

The WSWS has a analysis of David Bowie's career and the era in which he lived.

The site's obituaries are always good and interesting to read.

There is nothing wrong with women voting for a woman for president since a woman has never been president before.

It is unbelievable none has ever been president. That will likely change this November.

Does a former prosecutor's email derail the criminal case against Bill Cosby?

I can't believe a prosecutor would have even been involved in that.

Obituary: Actress Noreen Corcoran (left, with co-star John Forsythe), 72, has died. She is best known for playing the niece of John Forsythe in the television series Bachelor Father.

One of her siblings was actor Kevin Corcoran, who died last October. Another brother died in 2014. There were eight children in the family, and all of them became actors.


The Eclipse Awards results can be seen here.

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