Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday Reads

Though the NYT has made a big name for itself trashing the Clintons on bogus allegations, its editorial board still came out and endorsed Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party nomination.

It also endorsed John Kasich, the only sane person running for president on the GOP side and the only electable one, which means he won't get the nomination.

Leave it to Wall Street for cheering this on.

Of course many seniors can't retire, thanks to the gutting of pensions and replacing them with the stupid defined contribution plans.

From a couple of years ago is this atticle, which I may have linked when it came out, about what is about to be the biggest retirement crisis ever in this country, at least since Social Security became law.

What the hell else did Jaron expect? He's not a girl, a woman, or a female.

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