Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday Reads

It appears Donald Trump has been a shit for decades.

This from the comments is interesting:

I was Headmaster of New York Military Academy when we saved it from imminent closure in 2010. Trump behaved disgracefully to the school, and even to his mentor Col. Dobias and his wife when we came to him and asked for support. He even made Mrs. Dobias cry with his smug idiocy in a key meeting when he refused to offer help and instead proposed buying the Academy's debt and turning the property into Condos. Some hero. (That's alright we saved the school without him -- good riddance to him.) One more thing... when he made that stupid comment about Mr. Obama's transcripts around that time, we went into the vaults and grabbed Donald Trump's transcript for safe keeping. I saw it. This is a dishonorable man who continues to stain the degree I received from what was a place of honor and aspiration... Col. Dobias is the protagonist of one of America's greatest stories of triumph and service, and it is sad to see Trump bullying him so publicly like this. He is a living treasure. You want a good story to make you believe in America's greatness, follow the Dobias line, Mr. Miller. Forget Trump, and stop associating him with the school he has always used as a tool for his selfish chicanery and he continues to do so now.

Another wrongheaded poor-shaming proposal is being tried despite the difficulty of this working.

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