Monday, January 25, 2016

This "Advice" Is So Offensive It About Makes Me Pull My Hair Out

This "expert" is dispensing advice that is long outdated, advice that was popular in the 1970s when rape really became a topic of public discussion and there were changes in laws helping victims. These days, though, we know better. Self-defense is basically useless when a woman has a gun to her head or a knife at her throat. Taking courses gives them a false sense of security. But, more disturbing, is the mentality behind this approach. It says that men, poor babies, can't help themselves but rape, so it is up to WOMEN not to be victims. I, like almost all women, were brainwashed with this crap, the goal of which had nothing to do with personal safety and everything to do with keeping women out of the public sphere unless they have a man to "protect" them from other men. Women can't go out alone at night, they can't travel alone, they can't eat out alone, they can't hike alone, they can't bicycle alone, they can't hike alone, they can't live alone, they can't do one goddamned thing alone. Men, of course, could do everything they wanted at all hours of the night. If men got attacked by other men, well, nobody ever blamed the victim for being out where he shouldn't. However, women get this shit all the time hurled at them.

The fact that most men DON'T rape is proof that men can be taught, from an early age, to respect others' personal space, to respect girls and women, to not see girls and women as objects to abused. Not hard, folks.

I couldn't give a shit less what perpetrators are "thinking." They don't have any right to perpetrate a crime on others.

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