Sunday, January 24, 2016

When You Are Born on Home Plate, Which is What Trump and the Kochs and Others in Their Elite Class Are,

there is no way in hell you are "self-made." Besides, "self-made" is a myth. It is a myth because demand determines the supply of goods and services, and in turn decides whether you, as a "job creator," get to make enough money to "create jobs."

You can have an idea, or an invention, or a talent, but unless somebody else out there validates it by purchasing your idea, invention, or supports your talent, you merely have a hobby. Hobbies are great, but you can't bank on making money at them, if that is your goal, unless you have some other kind of income stream.

Trump and the Kochs already had a huge income cushion through inheritance. They merely built on that cushion.

That is the way the vast majority of the rich are. Few people are allowed to enter their exclusive club. A few entertainers make it, a few who made money in businesses make it, a few who marry rich make it, and of course the few who win gigantic lotteries and are not murdered and/or scammed out of their winnings make it. But that is just about it.

It is getting harder and harder for the masses to even make it on the bottom rungs of the economic ladder, let alone on the top.

And that is way the economic elites want it.

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