Friday, January 08, 2016

Why Did "They" Wait Until After I Hit Menopause to Think of Things Like This?

First there is a movement to not require doctor prescriptions for birth control pills, something that would have changed my life for the better, and now there is a movement to make female sanitary products like pads and tampons exempt from sales tax.

I lived in Reno, Nevada, longer when I was in my "childbearing years" than in Oregon, where there is no sales tax. I must have paid a fortune in sales tax all of those years, some twenty years, down in Nevada, just for the sanitary products.

Sanitary products should also be allowed for purchase with food stamps.

They are a necessity, not a luxury.

Take a look at the map at the link. It is absolutely appalling.

"Basically we are being taxed for being women," Garcia said in announcing the bill. "This is a step in the right direction to fix this gender injustice. Women have no choice but to buy these products, so the economic effect is only felt by woman [sic] and women of color are particularly hard hit by this tax. You can't just ignore your period, it's not like you can just ignore the constant flow."

I would add toilet paper shouldn't be taxed, either.

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