Monday, January 04, 2016

Y'All Qaeda

That term has been used all over the internet to describe the Bundy idiots who have now taken over the buildings of the Malheur NATIONAL Wildlife Refuge. These morons are so stupid, not only do they not understand the Hammond case, an arson case where the pair set a fire to cover up their illegal poaching of deer, they don't understand that federal lands belong to ALL of us, not only to billionaires and redneck ranchers.

Lotsa luck for the idiots to occupy the buildings for years. Not gonna happen.

It's cold, and it's remote.

At least the birds are mostly gone this winter, so they are safe from these weirdos.

Despite the stern language, there did not appear to be any imminent plan to confront the protesters. There was no sign of law enforcement outside the wildlife refuge on Sunday night, though the Oregon State Police urged people to stay away and federal authorities said they were monitoring the situation.

At the entrance to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, people associated with the occupying group blocked the road. As the temperature dropped below freezing Sunday night in the high desert outside the stone cottage that is the refuge’s headquarters, the occupiers set a small fire to stay warm, but the snow-saturated sagebrush would not stay lit. Other local ranchers periodically drove up, looked and then drove away.

If anything, this whole nonsense is an end result of right-wing rhetoric designed to distract these fools' minds away from the real theft going on under their noses, and that is by the billionaire, Wall Street, and neoliberal gang out to plunder the public sector for private gain.

For the record, the LDS is opposed to the Yokel Haram.

Furthermore, the dumb shits should not be confused with survivalists.

This siege is about a bunch of stupid men who are afraid they have lost all their power in what used to be the libertarian west.

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