Friday, January 22, 2016

Yep, I Am Taking Social Security Early

At about this time next year, I will be able to receive Social Security benefits. Unfortunately, my monthly benefit will force me to remain in the labor force at least on a part-time basis until I die, assuming I will not find full-time work in any field.

The GOP pulls shit like trying to raise the retirement age under the bogus reason that people are "living longer." They aren't unless they are rich. The GOP ignores the reality that many people are fired in their fifties for stupid reasons and can never work again in any kind of meaningful work. What in the hell are they supposed to do until they are 70?

Of course they are hoping these people long since die before they can collect.

Meanwhile, poorer women’s lifespans have actually shrunk, some studies show. Some groups of Americans are living shorter lives than their parents. This disturbing phenomenon is concentrated among women: the poorest 40 percent of women have lower life expectancies than the previous generation, one study found. Higher death rates among white women seem to drive this trend.

If you are never-married and female, you are really screwed.

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