Saturday, January 02, 2016

You Don't Have to Tell Me How Bad It Is For Unemployed Women Over 50

I have been living proof of this for nearly eight years, ever since that worthless school district kicked me to the curb. To date I have never worked full-time again and may never do so.

I was lucky I found what I did, but it is a pittance compared to what I made as a teacher in Nevada.

But while older workers generally have lower unemployment rates than younger ones, those who find themselves jobless, for whatever reason, tend to find themselves stuck there for longer. And women 55 and older who lose a job have more trouble than men getting another one, according to Sara E. Rix, an analyst and former senior researcher for AARP, the lobbying organization for older Americans.

“Older displaced women are less likely than displaced men of the same ages to be re-employed and more likely to have left the labor force,” she noted in a recent analysis.

The type of occupations dominated by women may play a role as well. For example, “public teacher employment is still below what it was in 2007,” said Elise Gould, senior economist at the liberal Economic Policy Institute. “And that definitely disproportionately affects women.”

No, shit. It is still a hard field to get into though the supply is starting to dry up all over the country.

The mentality that women don't have to work because they are being supported by men is not backed by the facts, but the mentality is the reason women, especially never-married women, fare so poorly in old age.

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