Thursday, February 25, 2016

About As Attractive as a Heap of Dirty Laundry

"Evolutionary psychology" isn't science but is a form of quackery that seeks to justify male assholery by claiming they can't help it. Trump is no more attractive than a pile of dirty laundry. Decades ago, when he was married to Ivana, he wasn't bad looking, but now, being way over 50, he is a typical man who looks like shit and acts like shit. It is only his money that his currently trophy wife, Melania, finds attractive to jettison younger, more attractive men in favor of what has been dubbed a "talking yam." A sane woman would not bother otherwise. Women go to his events, take pictures of him or have pictures taken with him, get autographs of him, etc., simply because he is a celebrity and running for the presidency.

Women as a rule are not attracted to talking yams.

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