Friday, February 05, 2016

Hell Does Exist

It is in the form of the Ted Cruz, aka Cantex, campaign.

Cruz has been compared to Nixon, but he could be potentially worse if he ever became president. Nixon was mentally ill, but he wasn't one of these batshit crazy fundies who want to bring about the end times.


Because these are the true believers, and true believers know that they are right and everyone else is not only wrong, but evil and stupid. (When Cruz mocks some environmental protesters who briefly interrupt him, the man sitting directly behind me yells with unsuppressed fury, “They’re Bolsheviks!” I can almost feel the spittle on the back of my neck.) This is a darker place than the Donald Trump rally I attended the night before. There, one got the sense Trump’s support was a mile wide but an inch deep. This, though, this is something more primal.

It’s all enough to make one despair, and to pray to a God you don’t believe in that something can stop this train, that some part of the GOP establishment can still rally to knock down this campaign or that there is a very finite percentage of even conservative voters to whom it will appeal. And also to get out of this auditorium before Cruz pulls a couple of vipers from a sack and everyone starts speaking in tongues.

Fortunately, Cruz has no chance being president.

His whack job father, however, isn't going to give up his notion that his evil spawn is "anointed" to be the next president:

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