Monday, February 08, 2016

Marco, We Hardly Knew Ye

One of the latest polls:

@EmersonPolling: #Breaking New Hampshire GOP Poll Results:
Trump 31%
Bush 16%
Kasich 13%
Rubio 12%
Cruz 11%

The ticket will be Kasich-Jeb or Jeb-Kasich or one or the other with somebody else with Trump going third party to ensure Hillary Clinton wins the presidency.

This was the game plan all the time.

If Congress wasn't under siege by the batshit crazy Bircher contingent, I could almost live with Kasich in the White House.

I don't mean literally live with him. I mean it as a figure of speech.

Jeb is still a fucking crook and shouldn't be allowed anywhere NEAR the Oval Office.

Marco's problem is not an excess of caution but an excess of stupidity. Chris Christie ended his presidential candidacy when he finally let all of the hot air out of that inflatable doll.

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