Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Reads

Jane Mayer talks about her book, Dark Money, with an emphasis on the Kochs.

The Kochs aren't the sole subject of her book. It is more about the history of the right-wing foundations that have sought to buy public opinion to brainwash the masses into parting with their wallets so the billionaires have even more money to leech off of the public.

That in a nutshell is what the right wing is about.

From a few months ago is this article about how a few of the billionaires are worried that the masses they have ripped off from are getting wise to the scam these billionaires have pulled over the past 30-40 years.

You know, Henry Ford, for all of his flaws, understood the basic truth, and that is that workers are consumers, and if you pay your workers enough, they will consume enough, and that positively has an effect on your bottom line and on the country as a whole.

Life expectancy is going into the shitter for the masses, and, with this health care rationing called Obamacare, it is bound to get worse.

If that doesn't do it, kicking people to the curb from their jobs when they hit 50 will surely do the trick.

You knew it was coming: The WSWS, whether you agree with its politics, has some of the best analysis when it comes to obituaries of famous people. Or infamous people, as in the case of Antonin Scalia.

It mentions Bush v. Gore, where Scalia and the majority decided to pick the president outright, voters be damned.

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