Tuesday, February 09, 2016

No Wonder I Am Not Impressed With the Ivy League

What a bunch of dolts. Because Woodrow Wilson didn't have the foresight to anticipate 21st century sensibilities, we ought to just disregard the man totally.

These people are STUPID and engaging in presentism, which is the exact OPPOSITE of history.

Wilson was president of Princeton from 1902 to 1910 and served as New Jersey's governor from 1911 to 1913, when he entered the White House. The Democrat was a leading progressive, credited with creating the Federal Reserve system, guiding the U.S. into World War I and trying to preserve a lasting peace with his "Fourteen Points" and the League of Nations, which won him the 1919 Nobel Peace Prize. But Wilson also supported segregation and appointed Cabinet members who segregated federal departments.

The protesters, both black and white, wanted the school to acknowledge what they said is Wilson's racist legacy and to rename buildings and programs named for him.

Fuck his work in international affairs because he had outdated notions about race relations. He must meet the moronic standards of the millenials.

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