Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Not All Billionaires Are Equal

Look at the absolute obscene wealth of Michael Bloomberg, who was a piece of shit as mayor of New York when he shit all over teachers rendering him unqualified for anything, as compared to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton:

Michael Bloomberg: $36.5 billion
Donald Trump: $4.5 billion
Hillary Clinton: $30 million (est)

Even if all of that wealth is on paper, and it usually is, it is still an outrage somebody like this even HAS that much in the first place. This is more than the GNP of some countries.

We NEED to return the tax rates back to Eisenhower era rates.

These people with way too much money and too much time on their hands are dangerous.

Bloomberg is still making threats he is going to run third party:

Bloomberg would run as a moderate promising to bring compromise and business savvy to an election characterized by highly charged disputes and political partisanship.

Bloomberg is seen as a pragmatist and fiscal conservative who has taken liberal positions on issues like gun control and the environment.

His is a fake Democrat like Andrew Cuomo. He was a total piece of shit as dictator of NYC.

Since Hillary Clinton is going to be the Democratic Party nominee and in all likelihood president, I think Bloomberg is just talking out of his ass.

Sanders would quit the race than see this piece of shit running for president.

People like Bloomberg are the reason people are so pissed off.

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