Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Reads for Wednesday

Obituary: Rand Paul's presidential bid, of voter neglect.

I believe there are "only" ten candidates left in the GOP presidential sweepstakes.

Bernie Sanders says he will debate Hillary Clinton on Thursday.

Sanders' close finish in Iowa has changed the dynamic of the Democratic Party.

Maybe, anyway.

Saw this on Twitter now that Rand Paul is out:


Another obituary: Rick Santorum's presidential bid, like Rand Paul's a victim of voter neglect.

Marco Rubio is not only a lightweight, he is also corrupt:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie launched a fresh and sharply personal broadside here Tuesday against opponent Marco Rubio, charging that the Florida senator who surged to a strong third-place finish in Monday’s Iowa Republican caucuses was “the boy in the bubble.”

Christie questioned Rubio’s toughness, intelligence and even his manhood, telling reporters that he thought Rubio was running a campaign that is “constantly scripted” by his handlers while ducking tough questions about his record from journalists and New Hampshire voters.

Saturday's debate promises to be the biggest bloodbath yet.

Cantex (my nickname for Ted Cruz noting is dual citizenship) says Donald Trump is losing it.

Good news about Y'All Qaeda.

Non-political obituary: Bob Elliott, 92, one-half of the famed Bob & Ray comedy team, has died:

On the radio, the duo’s primary medium, they broadcast “from approximately coast to coast,” as they liked to say, on outlets including NBC, CBS and National Public Radio. They were a seminal influence on comic entertainers including Woody Allen, David Letterman, Jonathan Winters, Al Franken (who became a U.S. senator) and “Saturday Night Live” creator Lorne Michaels.

A hallmark of Bob and Ray comedy was bone-dry delivery of the absurd.

With masterly comic timing — Mr. Elliott with a nasal deadpan, Goulding with booming authority — Bob and Ray mocked the cliches and banalities of newscasts, politics, sports and advertising. The characters they played were inept, pompous or shady — logic-free “experts,” sore political losers, dense reporters and dimwitted everymen.

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