Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Etc.

A famed civil rights activist was treated disgracefully by Sanders supporters at the Nevada caucuses.

It's a fair assumption many of the Sanders supporters had no idea who Dolores Huerta IS.

This would be like trashing Rosa Parks or Cesar Chavez.

Huerta's story was true and is validated by one of the videos.

Why do we continue to focus on the itty-bitty number of women in "elite" professions?

It is the concept of the family wage, where the man is assumed to need more money because he has or will have a family to support, while women are supplemental workers, which lies at the heart of sex discrimination in the workplace. It does not matter about what individual women do, what occupation they are in, and how much education they have. A few elite women who can afford to take time off from the workforce merely reinforces the mindset--it does not in any way make the mindset true. Most women cannot afford to take much in the way of time off at all.

Never-married women fare far worse financially in old age than married women, widows, and even divorced women. That is because they have to do it all without the buffer of a man's income, assuming the woman doesn't cohabit. If anything gets in the way of a stable job, such as layoffs and illnesses, a lifetime of saving is destroyed.

It's about time somebody went after the fad diet movement.

It is one of the oldest forms of medical quackery out there.

We know Marco Rubio is an idiot, and recent events proved this author right.

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