Friday, February 26, 2016

Texas GOP Debate: 2/25/2016 (Updated)

In case you missed the latest bloodbath:

Let's hope this one stays up.

I think after Super Tuesday Ben Carson will quit. I also think Rubio, Cruz, and Kasich will hang around as long as they can because now the goal is NOT to actually get the nomination themselves but instead to prevent Trump from getting enough delegates to get it.

If they fail, it is over.

I think the GOP has pretty much written off this election cycle. They may actually lose the Senate because so many seats are up for grabs this year. I believe something like 24 or 25 GOP Senate seats are up.

I still maintain Trump is a ratfucker whose goal is to torpedo the GOP in the fall and as payback for all of the shit rhetoric they have pulled since the time of Nixon. The only question is whether anybody put him up to it or whether he has done it himself. I will be shocked if he can actually win against Hillary Clinton.

Ted Cruz may be a liar and certainly he is way too extreme to be president, but I think he is trying, in a polite way, to tell people Trump is indeed a ratfucker, that his true record is closer to being a Democrat

Meanwhile, Trump has been posting poorly spelled tweets like this one:

The Ivy League taught Trump well.

By the way, here is the video clip of the Fox remarks mentioned by Trump:

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