Monday, March 14, 2016

A Rerun of the Sixties?

I don't believe the Trump campaign is as scary as the people who buy into this nonsense.

What we are seeing is the implosion of a major political party, though still viable at the state level, as a result of Nixon's racist "southern strategy."

As one who lived through the 1960s and plenty old enough to remember 1968--I was in middle school and was following politics avidly--there ARE parallels between then and now, only this time it is the GOP, not the Democratic Party, that is cracking up.

Trump reminds one of George Wallace, but Wallace did not get 24/7 free airtime via CNN and other cable outlets to spew a bunch of demented nonsense. Trump has had this free ride for almost a year. Under the old Fairness Doctrine, this would not have been allowed.

I still believe, though, he is there to ratfuck the GOP to pave the way for Hillary Clinton rather than wanting to be president himself; however, the followers are an entirely different story.

My own feeling is that 35 years of neoliberalism, even more than Nixon's racist cynicism, is responsible for the mess we have now. The con waged by the GOP right, and to an extent the Democratic neolibs, has created this very situation. You cannot destroy living standards in this country, hand everything over to the very rich, and not expect blowback.

Of course Trump in large part is playing the "race" card to get these mostly white males upset because these same white males believe they have the right to have the highest pay, the best jobs, and to hell with women and minorities. Naturally, the anger is put in the wrong place.

Playing the "social issues" card isn't working anymore. You know that old routine: harp about abortion, about gays, about guns, about God, and so on down the line, distract the voters while at the same time pick their pockets and make them more destitute so your wealthy backers can have MORE.

The WSWS, although a Trotskyite outfit, is absolutely correct about the protesters, who seem to be a bunch of millennial idiots without a clue:

The anger that has fueled the protests against Trump’s fascist-style rallies is entirely legitimate. But – and we urge our readers to take this warning seriously – the political danger represented by Trump and the authoritarian and fascistic tendency he embodies cannot be dealt with through confrontations which play into his hands. Indeed, Trump welcomes these incidents as an opportunity to legitimize and expand the operations of his privately financed thugs, and to coordinate their actions with politically sympathetic police forces.

This in a nutshell is why the protesters piss me off.

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