Tuesday, March 22, 2016

An Anniversary To Remember

Hard to believe it was forty years ago yesterday when Claudine Longet, a singer and ex-wife of the late crooner Andy Williams, "accidently" shot and killed skiing great Spider Sabich at Sabich's chalet in Aspen, Colorado.

She claimed she needed to use a gun for protection despite being in a gated community, and she accidently shot him when he was trying to show her how to use it. However, virtually nobody outside of Williams and her attorneys, especially the one who eventually became her second and current husband, Ron Austin, believed her. It was believed Sabich gave her an ultimatum to move out of his house by April 1 of that year. He was tired of her possessiveness, and he wasn't ready for any kind of longterm commitment. Longet, now 74, was afraid of losing yet another meal ticket, so she made sure nobody else was ever going to have him.

Thanks to some botched police work regarding the gun and her diary, Longet got a slap on the wrist.

If you were like me and around then, you remember it was a HUGE story and scandal, one of the most infamous cases in the history of the country.

I had posted this show about the case for the post of Andy Williams' obituary a few years ago, but it is worth seeing again

The information in that show was correct.

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