Friday, March 18, 2016

Divorce May Make Women Poorer, But They Aren't the Worst Off in Retirement

The never-married, especially women, are:

The results highlight important links between marital trends, Social Security, and retirement outcomes. Although the never-married represent an economically diverse group, poverty among the elderly who have never married is particularly high—more than twice the national average in 2004, four times higher than that of married persons, and greater than the poverty rates of the divorced and widowed. In addition, a review of existing studies suggests that never-married persons are more likely to have health risks during retirement that are greater than those of married persons and the national average. MINT projections indicate important changes in the marital composition of future retirees marked by a rising proportion of never-married persons entering retirement age. Future never-married retirees, according to MINT, are expected to have the highest elderly poverty rate among marital groups.

Divorced women typically have more resources, including settlement from a home and other property, plus they can get part of their husband's Social Security benefit if they are married ten or more years-things that are NOT available to the never-married.

But hey, even though more and more of the population never marries, it is only people who are married or have been married who count, according to this stupid article.

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