Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Whatever

Bruce is free to leave the country when--not if--Clinton is elected. With his money, he and fellow crossdressers can create their own country of Transylvania and form their own government.

Obituary: Famous rock keyboardist Keith Emerson, 71, best known for his work with the group Emerson, Lake & Palmer (sounds like the name of a law firm), has passed away. The band was best known as a progressive rock band from the 1970s:

After a breakout performance at the Isle of Wight festival in 1970, the trio signed with Atlantic Records' Ahmet Ertegun; 37 years later, Emerson and other prog all-stars would open for Led Zeppelin at the Ertegun tribute concert at London's O2 Arena. ELP's self-titled debut arrived in 1970, the first of four albums the trio would release in their first four years together.

Following the release of 1971's Tarkus – the album's title track serves as a highlight of Emerson's keyboard prowess – and 1972's Trilogy, the group unleashed their landmark 1973 album Brain Salad Surgery; Emerson served as co-writer on that album's most enduring track, "Karn Evil 9."

Some reports have it Emerson committed suicide. His girlfriend found him dead of a gunshot wound at his Santa Monica home. Apparently he had some nerve damage issues which affected his keyboard playing, plus he suffered from depression.


Another obituary: Singer Gogi Grant, whose recording of "The Wayward Wind" became a number one hit in 1956, has died. She was 91 years old.

Her peak years were in the 1950s:

In the '50s she released "Suddenly There's a Valley," which became a top-10 hit; "When the Tide Is High"; "Who Are We"; "You're in Love"; and "Strange Are the Ways of Love." Grant dubbed Ann Blyth's vocals in 1957's "The Helen Morgan Story." The film's soundtrack album reached No. 25 in the Billboard album chart.

She continued to perform into the 21st century.

Kind of reminds me of a battered wife who returns to her husband.

Bernie Sanders' campaign should be done and over with.

Is a sex scandal on the horizon for Ted Cruz?

The disintegration of the GOP long predated Donald Trump.

Somehow I missed this article about how poorly unmarried women fare economically--they are the vast majority. Few are privileged to be able to reject marriage and can afford it.

It really sucks because women should not have to spread their legs for some guy in exchange for financial security. Yet our society advocates this and penalizes women who reject it.

The problem with Bernie Sanders is he hasn't been properly vetted:

And so now, Bernie Sanders has amassed an army of loyal supporters who have misplaced their trust in a false prophet. They trust someone who is a "civil rights icon" but has been absent from the movement for the past fifty years and cannot connect with people of color. They trust someone whose political career was launched by the NRA. They trust someone who supports the brutal regime of Fidel Castro. They trust someone with a Marxist worldview who only sees the world's problems through an economic lens. They trust someone who will raise their taxes by $5,000 and hope the math works out.They trust someone who has railed against Wall Street but whose campaign has benefited from their support. They trust someone whose campaign has been caught in shady activity time and time again. They trust someone who co-authored a bill to dump nuclear waste on a poor Latino town in Texas. They trust someone who has been calling for a "political revolution" but has had low voter turnout. And they trust someone who has sold out time and time again for political expediency.

Not somebody most would trust, yet millions believe the lies about Clinton.

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