Monday, March 14, 2016

Monday Miscellaneous

More skeletons in Sanders' closet as this article explores his experiences in the kibbutz back in the early 1960s.

More reasons this guy ain't got a prayer in hell of winning the nomination much less be president:

A small collective community in northern Israel, modeled after the communist ideals of the Soviet Union, may hold clues to the development of U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' political beliefs.

Sanders is Jewish and a self-described "democratic socialist." In the 1960s, he spent several months volunteering on an Israeli collective farm, or kibbutz, that functioned according to communist principles.

He is not a European socialist.

Some have started calling him "Oldfinger."

Those anti-women quotes by Donald Trump are absolutely true and devastating.

Here is the attack ad:


Neoliberals, trickle-on economists, and libertarians need to go fuck themselves with cattle prods and get the hell out of making public policy.

They have all but ruined this country.

No charges will be filed in the Medford, Oregon, pedestrian death that involved former US representative Bob Smith, 84.

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