Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saturday Before Easter Reads

I could have told you GMOs being "bad" for you is a massive hoax.

The organic food industry is a giant hoax peddling on the nonsense "you are what you eat."

Eating a certain way or eating certain foods does not make you more moral, healthier, or prevent disease.

It has been a massive con since the late 1960s, when the hippies were into all that "back to nature" bullshit.

Maybe there is hope for columnist David Brooks after all.

I could have told him neo-liberalism, which came into fruition during the Reagan-Thatcher years, was a massive failure. I knew it was crap 35 years ago.

The problem is too many politicians in BOTH political parties believe that swill.

It will take decades to clean that mess up.

Surprise! Another Broadie turns out to not be worth a shit.

California Chrome has won the Dubai World Cup.

American Pharoah's old rivals Mubtaahij, Keen Ice, and Frosted were also in the race, but they finished 2nd, 8th and 5th, respectively.

Obituary: Actress Adrienne Corri, best remembered for her role in Stanley Kubrick's overrated A Clockwork Orange, died on March 13.

Bernie Sanders won the caucuses of Washington state and Alaska.

Robert DiNiro just shot to shit his reputation when he backed a guy who has been proven to be a QUACK. I can't believe it.

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