Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday Reads

From last month is this piece about the "treasure" of the Sierra Blanca.

It is yet another skeleton in Bernie Sanders' closet.

You just wonder what in the hell is going on with the security at the Trump rallies.

One has a right to protest Trump, of course, but those protesters should look to past events, namely the 1960s, and be extremely cautious.

Trump is less a problem than too many of his supporters.

Whatever happened to fitness guru Richard Simmons?

His case sounds a lot like what happened with James and Frances Cagney in their later years, only they were much older than Simmons.

Sounds like Trump's rivals are backtracking on supporting him.

More shit Bernie said, which no doubt will ultimately surface if he hangs on long enough with his longshot presidential campaign.

Still more crap Bernie said:

Sanders' early writings and political career have gotten little notice as his underdog campaign has grown into a grass-roots juggernaut that has challenged Hillary Clinton's establishment candidacy. A few publications, including Mother Jones and Salon, have published pieces about his columns, but for the most part this chapter of his life remains largely unexplored. Sanders himself rarely talks about this period on the campaign trail.

Those who knew Sanders in his younger years, like his unofficial biographer, Greg Guma, who met him in 1971, say the writings are a reflection of the era.

"We were all talking about this -- smashing monogamy, exploring psychology, sexuality and the politics of sexuality," said Guma, who also wrote for The Vermont Freeman, describing the publication as the "only alternative game in town then."

This article is long, but it does what is called vetting of a candidate.

He is a gift to the GOP. Thank God he won't be the Democratic Party nominee.

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