Thursday, March 24, 2016

Ted Cruz Has a Point

Donald Trump has women issues, for he still thinks he is 25 years old when he is pushing 70 and still engaging in the despicable practice of judging women by their looks.

His far-younger wife, Melania, is not much in the looks department because her eyes are too small and too squinty for her face, and it kills her looks. She is not in any way remotely beautiful. She has to do a lot of work to even look passable. She certainly doesn't come close to his ex-wife Marla Maples or even Ivana in the looks department. However, that said, she is not less of a person because of how she looks.

Trump himself has no room to talk. He looks like SHIT, even for somebody close to 70, and has no business judging others on looks.

He is hellbent on giving Hillary the election.

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