Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Day After

Now that the Sanders campaign is effectively over since he couldn't win a single contest last night, Hillary Clinton is now the presumptive Democratic Party nominee and the odds-on favorite to yes, be the first woman president in the history of the United States.

The major reason is because the GOP is such a mess. The only truly viable candidate they have this year, John Kasich, was not supported by the party establishment early on, having preferred Jeb Bush, but they hadn't counted on the Talking Yam and his media minions to run roughshod over the party.

Cruz and Kasich are not "deluded," contrary to the headline. They are now in the race in order to deny Trump enough support that the party regulars would be in a position to dump him at the national convention, although it is a longshot.

There are also the down-ticket races to worry about. The Senate is probably gone since there are so many GOP seats up for grabs--25, I think there are. They will probably lose at least a few House seats.

If by some miracle Donald Trump gets the nod to be president of the United States, watch out.

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