Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Will the GOP Establishment Become the "Third Party" This Election?

According to this near-hysterical editorial, some GOP party officials and activists are looking at the possibility of running Mitt Romney for a third-party run.

They think he could beat Trump in the fall. Not likely, however.

The only thing worrying me about the Trump run are the followers. I, however, don't think Trump can beat Hillary Clinton. After all, they are friends, and probably co-conspirators with Hillary's husband.

Sit back and enjoy the implosion.


Yet as the dust settles, some Republicans were still in the throes of denial, holding on to dreams of a Hail Mary pass that saves Marco Rubio or John Kasich, or devising brokered-convention strategies that could still thwart Trump’s surging candidacy. It’d be nice if any of those scenarios seemed realistic. But in all likelihood, Republicans dithered too long to stop Trump within the Republican Party’s own nominating process, which was designed to produce a nominee quickly.

What still is very possible, though, is defeating Trump in November. If Republican grandees like Mitt Romney really believe that Trump is as unqualified as they’ve been saying, they need to make it clear they won’t support him in the general election. That would take a decisive show of spine, and a willingness to put country above party, that hasn’t been much in evidence so far.

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