Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Reads

I think it can be safely assumed that Sanders' trip to the Vatican was a massive flop.

He made that trip all for basically nothing, wasting thousands in donor dollars, and he never met the Pope at all.

He did, however, make his usual stump speech at the conference.

More about the birdbrained trip to Rome:

Sanders is already using this trip to distract from the fact that he’s slipping further and further behind in the polls in New York. Sanders desperately needed a “win” in last night’s debate, which he did not get. Most political analysts have noted that Hillary performed better and got more of her message across, while Sanders stumbled over his responses to his stance on gun control and his lack of foreign policy. This Sanders family version of National Lampoon’s European Vacation reeks of abuse of the system.

Oops, indeed.

John Kasich is working overtime to piss off the young college woman vote.

More proof Ted Cruz is a woman-hating doofus.

It is no shit, Sherlock time as we are told for the millionth time neoliberalism is a massive failure and lies at the root of current problems.

Unlike the author, I believe we need to go back to Keynesian economics because we know that it WORKS.

Here is another account of the Sanders Vatican debacle.

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