Sunday, April 17, 2016

Funny How a Lie Grows and Grows and Grows

so that the truth gets buried under a ton of horseshit. So describes Bernie Sanders' "meeting" with Pope Francis, a "meeting" the pope himself has denied was anything other than a handshake and a brief acknowledgement.

Sanders finagled a spot to "meet" the pope on the latter on his way to Greece doing a humanitarian trip. He must have stood around for quite some time waiting for Pope Francis to come out. It is kind of like a groupie or a fan waiting around for a rock star to show up and then force her way toward him to get an autograph.

I am surprised Sanders didn't ask the pope for an autograph for "proof" he "met" with Pope Francis.

And instead of admitting he screwed up, this morning on CNN with an interview with Dana Bash, Sanders CONTINUED to brazenly lie about his Vatican trip, saying he "was invited by the Vatican," which is NOT in the least true. His adviser Jeffrey Sachs got him into a closed conference where initially he was only going to be in the audience. Sanders did, eventually, give his stump speech there.

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