Thursday, April 14, 2016

Miscellaneous for Thursday

Obituary: Actress Anne Jackson, 90, died on April 12.

Jackson and her late husband Eli Wallach often appeared together onstage. She also appeared in many movies and television programs. Her husband, whom she married in 1948, died at the age of 98 in 2014.

Pornography is poison, complete and total poison. Nobody with a straight face can seriously argue this shit is harmless fun, a fantasy.

Forty years of this 1970s sexual liberation bullshit that it is has taken a horrible toll on women, on men, on society.

It is a scourge.

Gail Dines deserves a medal for sitting through the worst of the porn so the rest of us don't have to. She knows of what she speaks.

It certainly isn't victimless:

The performers who make up the porn industry are also at risk, in ways that affect them as well as members of the broader public. Aside from frequent claims of sexual violence and harassment, film sets are often flush with sexually transmitted infections. In a 2012 study that examined 168 sex industry performers (67 percent were female and 33 percent were male), 28 percent were suffering from one of 96 infections. Even more troubling, according to the authors, was that the porn industry’s protocols significantly underdiagnosed infections: 95 percent of mouth and throat infections, and 91 percent of rectal infections, were asymptomatic, which, the authors argue, made them more likely to be passed on to partners both in and out of the sex industry. Since members of the industry have protested proposed safety measures requiring the use of condoms and other prophylactics, legislating to protect these performers has proven challenging.

It isn't altruism that is the excuse for low pay for teachers--it is the notion that since the vast majority of teachers are women, they are married and being supported financially by men.


Great news for California teachers as the idiot Vergara case was unanimously kicked out by the California Supreme Court.

The case sought to abolish "tenure"--no such thing--for teachers.

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