Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday Miscellaneous Reads

Had some technical difficulties yesterday, but it appears I am back online.

Obituary: Melinda Rose Woodward, 75, the long-suffering wife of singer Tom Jones, has unfortunately died of cancer. She was known as "Linda."

She and Tom got married way, way, way too young, both at age 16 in 1957, had a son who later became his dad's manager, and she was there throughout his success. Unfortunately, she had to put up with a lot of shit from her husband as well as gossip, including stories about his infidelities and even paternity suits.

However, it appears Tom did care about her despite it all and had nothing but the highest regard for her. When one of the spouses dies, it must be one hell of an adjustment after being married for so long and at so young an age.

Former WCSD superintendent Pedro Martinez, or, rather his current school district in San Antonio, had to fire a police officer who body slammed a student.

Congress is going to have to tweak HR 711 if it is going to be fair to public employees currently affected by those stupid offsets.

Dumb shit trans give their entire dubious game away.

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