Monday, April 04, 2016

Monday Reads

Thanks to that idiot "welfare reform" crap of 1996 or whenever it was, more and more people are suffering. If you are a childless adult under 60, you are at risk of having your SNAP benefits cut off completely.

Only "families" are allowed to get the measly "cash benefits." Single people are not eligible.

Link to the "Panama papers" is here.


They might just as well put a skull and crossbones on porn magazines, movies, and websites. That shit is total poison.

Still, we have people who believe in the 1970s sexual liberation nonsense. As a result, many relationships are horribly messed up, or men cannot have normal relationships with women.

Apparently that former Washoe County School Board member was involved in a harassment case at his place of employment. He has since been fired from that job.

Obituary: Winston Moseley, the man who murdered Kitty Genovese back in 1964, which caused a national uproar because supposedly her neighbors ignored her pleas as she was dying after being stabbed by Moseley, died in prison. He was 81.

The story wasn't quite as outrageous in terms of the witness reaction as legend had it. Still, Moseley paid dearly for his crimes of rape and murder, having spent over 50 years in prison.


Officials at the time said the apathy over the attack in Kew Gardens allowed Winston Moseley, who knifed Genovese and then hid, to return and finish the job.

Moseley 81, who spent more than 50 years in prison for the crime, was one of the state’s longest-serving inmates, and was denied parole 18 times, including his last bid in November 2015.

In 1968, the killer escaped while on a hospital visit to Buffalo. While on the lam, he raped a woman and held hostages at gunpoint before being captured and returned to prison.

The article notes he earned a college degree in prison and was involved in the Attica prison uprisings in 1971.

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