Thursday, April 21, 2016

Once Again the Media Gets It Wrong, This Time About BYU

I am not a Mormon or support Mormonism, but the media are deliberately distorting the case of the BYU rape victim who faces ouster because she violated the university's "honor code."

Reading about the story from different places, it is clear the university is not targeting her because she was raped. The media got it wrong right then and there. She is being targeted for some other violation, such as drinking, which is not allowed in the LDS denomination.

ALL universities have a "code of conduct" students must adhere to in order to remain students at those institutions. BYU is the only Mormon-run university in the world, and it has more than its share of applicants. A person who willingly agrees to abide by that code has no case to argue to keep remaining a student if that person violates a section of that code.

Title IX does not weigh into this at all because this student is NOT being targeted for being a crime victim. The victim seems to think she should be exempt from the code because she is one. How the hell is that fair? It creates a slippery slope that basically destroys the honor code or code of conduct.

BYU's "honor code" is based on the sect's "law of chastity." It is a big deal in Mormonism.

There are other colleges this student can attend, such as the University of Utah. Nobody put a gun to her head and said she had to attend BYU.

End of story.

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