Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday Reads and So Forth

So Sanders and his wife Jane actually ran into Pope Francis at the Vatican, probably when the latter was coming out of the men's room.

I seriously doubt it was any kind of arranged meeting. Bernie and Jane probably hung around for hours to wait for him to come out.

After all, B.S. was caught in a lie on national television about his trip.

This is the menu he ordered from on the way back from Italy:


Since the federal government prints its own money, it cannot go broke--EVER.

The millennials are so goddamned busy with texting and taking selfies on their smartphones instead of actually doing research, they haven't a goddamned clue about Hillary Clinton's background.

They don't know or even care much she and her husband are perhaps the most slandered, most maligned individuals ever to be in the public eye.

And truthfully, while the Clintons, like all political figures, had enemies in Arkansas politics, the hate campaign didn't take off until 1993, when the Clintons were seen as snubbing Beltway whore Sally Quinn because they refused to kiss her privileged ass.

The media have hated on the Clintons, and, by osmosis, Al Gore, ever since. It has helped shape the distorted public hatred of the Clintons.

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